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Scratch and Smudge Resistance

Scratch and Smudge Resistance

What makes the iPad standout is it’s powerfully dominant performance, what will make it standout even more is a super stylish skin form StickON. Scratches and Smudges from greasy fingerprints don’t stand a chance against your iPad when it is wrapped in a Premium skin from StickON. The vinyl used is a high quality 3M vinyl which makes sure your iPad weighs the same and no sticky residues are left when it is removed.

Countless customizations

If iPad is known for its powerful performance, StickON is known for the variety it has in the range of skins. Textures that bring class with color options for each and everyone of them is an ace that StickON has up its sleeve. Make sure you customize your Apple iPad with a different skin for its back and a different skin for its camera and lenses.

Countless customizations
Unparalleled Precision

Unparalleled Precision

The complete edge to edge coverage that StickON provides is next to unbelievable. Not an mm more, not an mm less. Sheer precision is what we strive for here at StickON. So don’t worry about your charging port, speaker grill or volume rocker getting obstructed at all.

Our Mission

To Free every smartphone on this planet from bulky cases and provide a grip that doesn’t slip. Apart from the best skins ever we also provide the best customer service; Super-fast deliveries, quick customer support and offline assistance makes StickON the best brand to make Mobile skins and wraps in India.


More Features

Weather Proof

3M Material

Heat Dispersion

Water Proof

Residue Free Removal

Bubble Free Application

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